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June 01, 2021

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There exists a thing known as O*NET, a project by the US Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration (helpfully abbreviated as USDOL/ETA) to help people navigate the massive, 1,000+ set of careers that exist in our modern workforce.

On a lark, Shelley and I took the tests. Just in case software engineering leadership is turned over to machine learning algorithms and I need a backup career.

Our results

My O*NET results I scored high in Enterprising and Conventional work, with Investigative work a distant third. I am uninterested in working with my hands, the arts, or social work that enjoys “working with people more than working with objects, machines, or information.”

The combination of traits from the E and C categories are pretty on-point:

  • Persuading and leading people
  • Making decisions
  • Taking risks for profits
  • Following a strong leader

Yes! I’ll take all of that, please.

My O*NET results She had an easier time picturing herself doing different careers and scored higher across the board… except in Investigative work, which had no appeal to her. Social work gets a strong “Yes, please,” as well as work that borders on the monotonous, with clear goals and predictable processes.

The most amusing part was that I rated “I would like to investigate the cause of a fire” as a 😀, the highest score, and “I would like to fight forest fires” as 😵, the lowest. Shelley flipped the two.

Madness! Imagine wanting to be in the wilderness, battling fires alongside California’s bravest prisoners, bulldozing trees and establishing perimeters measuring miles on each side. All in the comfort of a 110* Santa Ana wind. Orrrrrr imagine wandering through a burned-out husk of a warehouse, stopping to stoop down and carefully pick through particularly interesting detritus, carefully assembling a mental model of where the fire started and how it traveled… Yeah, that’s not a difficult one to choose between.

…if you’re curious, my backup career is officially Air Traffic Controller. Not a bad suggestion, USDOL/ETA.

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Greetings from 2021

Eric Lawler

January 06, 2021

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Today, I deleted my Twitter account. If you visit my old handle, you get a friendly message from Twitter that This account doesn't exist and, wouldn’t you please try searching for another? Anything to keep the drip of content going. Anything to propel artificial views to keep advertiser dollars rolling in.

I can’t even remember what year I deleted my Facebook account. 2015? 2016? It’s been a long time. My personal philosophies have never lined up with the big tech companies, especially not Twitter and Facebook, but Twitter always seemed innocuous enough. But today’s “historic” events gave me the “courage” to finally delete the thing.

Farewall, Mr. Dorsey. You can join Misters Zuckerberg, Bezos, and Cook in the short list of companies with which I will not associate.


My plans for this year:

  • Keep it together, man.
  • Get better at mountain biking.
  • Find more productive uses for my time than scrolling through the news and reading about bikes.

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