Scrivings in Dross

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The Weirdest Job Search
March 13, 2023
2 months in and still at it. Where will Eric work next?

The Longest Journey
January 30, 2023
Hello 2023. What comes next for me?

June 01, 2021
I took an O*NET Career Interest quiz.

Greetings from 2021
January 06, 2021
Today, I deleted my Twitter account. Goodbye, Mr. Dorsey.

Banish the Firefox Megabar
June 17, 2020
Firefox makes it harder-than ever to customize their browser. Remove the Megabar with a userChrome CSS file.

No Plan Survives Being Misquoted
August 20, 2019
You learn interesting things while researching blog topics.

Warnings from the Past
May 01, 2019
Salient excerpts from Fahrenheit 451 that are as relevant today as they were in 1951.

Long-Form Websites and Typography
April 08, 2019
A brief explanation of typography, readability, and the temporal nature of content in the age of blog posts.

Hello, World
March 20, 2019
Eric Lawler's What's it all about then? 1. Practice for better long-form writing. 2. A medium to understand my own thoughts. 3. A resource for others.