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On GitPrime
May 27, 2020
An archive of my thoughts on measuring programmer productivity through actual data, rather than abstract Jira tickets and sprint burndown charts.

On Tough Conversations
October 16, 2019
Brief summary of an emotional-intelligence / dare-to-lead exercise from the 2019 0111 CTO conference: How do we stop avoiding tough conversations?

Eric's Guide to Hiring {Software Developers}
August 30, 2019
First of a two-part series on the best strategies for hiring humans in the 21st century. Fueled by both personal experience and the experience of countless mentors (and recruiters), this gigantic post is bursting at the seams with knowledge. Though specifically written by a CTO-type, the strategies are useful for hiring any kind of white-collar role.

Notes from The Goal
April 02, 2019
Key takeaways from Eliyahu M. Goldratt's The Goal. The Goal is still one of my favorite business books. The theory of constraints manifests itself everywhere! These are notes I took during my second read-through.